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Gravity Power
Free Online Version of The Book of The Crossbow

The Crossbow    >   Index   > p.322

Table of Contents List of Illustrations Index Appendix

Biton (fl, 250 B.C.), mathematician, a writer on siege engines, 254

Blaine, D. P, author of a work on rural sports (1840), and bullet shooting crossbow 179

Blondel, Francois (1617-1686), engineer, 254

Boccaccio, G. (1313-1375). Italian novelist and poet, illustration from, 36

Bogenschutzen-Gesellschaft : See Dresden, Crossbowmen of

Bolts used with crossbows, weight and shape, 16 sqq, 126 ; the Vireton, 17 ; method of winging, 17, 18 ; length of, used with primitive crossbow, 60 ; arrangement of, on stock, 70, 127, 128 ; groove for, 108, 109 ; used with small sporting crossbow, 168 ; of Continental crossbow, 205 ; of Belgian crossbow, 218 ; used at Dresden competitions, 235, 236

Boulogne, picture of siege of (1544), alluded to, 34, 49

Bourchier, John. See Berners, Lord

Bouvier, Gilles le (1386-1457), historian, quoted, 64

Bow of a crossbow : of wood, 57; yew, horn and tendon, 62 ; dimensions of composite, 63 n.; method of making composite, 64 ; method of bending , cord and pulley, 73, 75 ; belt claw, 77, 78 ; screw and handle ,  81 sqq ; goat's foot lever, 84 sqq ; of steel, dimensions and shape, 101 ; how to procure a good one, 103 ; how fixed to stock, 105, 106 ; how string fitted, 114 sqq ; cranequin used with, 142 ; Continental, 201, 205 ; Belgian, 207, 209 ; Chinese, 242

Bow irons : dimensions and use, 103 ; how fitted, 103, 104

Bowstring of a crossbow : materials suitable for, 110 ; ingenious manner of making in some medieval crossbows, 111 ; how to make, 112, 123 ; advantage of denoting center, 112 ; how fitted to bow, 114 ; postion when fitted, 116 ; slack, 116 ; tight, 116 ; Chinese, 242

Bow string, of Bullet shooting crossbow; how made, and material used, 189 sqq ; cross trees, 190 ; fitting of, 194

Braggs, R., Crossbow maker, 179

Bridle of sinew ; for attaching bow to stock, 67

Brompton, John (fl. 1437), historian, quoted, 46

Brown Bess  : compared with longbow, 25 ; good shot with, 26 n. ; introduction of, and derivation of name, 26 n.

Bruges : Society of Crossbowmen in, 206 ; Charles II. of England and, 226

Brussels : Crossbowmen of, 206, 228, 229 ; medal of Crossbowmen of, 224 ; picture in museum at, 229

Bullet shooting crossbow (English) : weight, 177 ;  price of, 177 ; utility, 177, 199 ; writers on, 179 ; makers of, 179 ; component parts of, 179, 181  ; how to bend bow and stretch bowstring, 181 ; the bastard string, 184 sqq ; how to make bow string, 189 sqq ; how to fit a bowstring, 189 sqq. ; cross trees, 190, 191

pocket for bullet, 191, 193, 194 ; the lock, 195 sqq  ; the sights, 197, 198 ; method of aiming, 198, 199

Bullet shooting crossbow (Belgian): barrel and bullet, described, 219 ; lock and bow, 221 ; force and accuracy of, 222

Burgundy, Duke of, defeated by Swiss (1476), 38 ; and Old Crossbowmen, 224

Casaer, Julius (100-44 B.C ), Dictator, 254, 257, 259 ; quoted, 270, 271, 290

Caius Trebonius, Roman general, movable tower built by, 270

Camden,  William (155 1-1623), antiquary, 254 ; quoted, 270

Carnarvon Castle, immunity from longbows, 23

Carolstein, siege of (1422), 271

Carrobalista, uses of, 259, 260

Carthage, war engines used in conquest of, 261 ; hair of women used at siege of, 290

Catapult ; early use of, and names known by, 249, 259 ; projectiles employed with, 249, 250 and n. ; source of power, 250 ; writers on, 253 sqq ; various occasions on which used, 261 sqq ;  range of, 276 sqq, 296, 297 ; side pieces and cross pieces of, 279, 284 ; the skein of cord, 289 sqq ; the winches, 287, 288 ; working of catapult, 281 sqq ; the arm, 285, 287 ; how to make the skein, 291 ; how to fit the skein, 291 sqq ; the sliphook, 293, 294 ; the metal catch, 295, 296

Chaluz, Castle of, death of Richard I. at siege of, 3

Charles II., and crossbowmen of Bruges, 226, 228

Charles VII., and the crossbow, 228

Charles VIII.,entry into Rome (1494), 48

Charles IX. of France and hire of crossbowmen, 49 ; at meeting of crossbowmen, 228

Chester, crossbow makers of, 179

Chinese crossbow used by, at Taku, 49 n.

Chinese repeating crossbow : modern use of, 237 mechanism of, 239, 241 ; range, 241 ; arrows used with, 241

Clonard, Count de, author of a book on the Spanish army (1861), illustration from, 151

Colonna, Egidio (14th cent.), historian, Archbishop of Bourges, 254 ; cited, 309

Comnena, Anna (1083-1148), historian, quoted, 57 sqq ; comment on, 57 n. ; cited, 64

Competitions with crossbow, 53, 236

Conrad III. of Germany, prohibition of crossbow by, 3

Constantinople, popularity of archery at, 28

Continental target crossbow : costly nature of, 48 ; various parts of, 201 ; sights, 203, 205 ; stock, bow, and bolt described, 205 ; popularity and effectiveness, 205

Cope, Sir Anthony, and Bramshill, 52

Cord and pulley for bending crossbows, description and mode of use, 73, 75

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Build Three Working Model Catapults, Easy to Build Plans and Instructions is ideal for anyone looking to build authentic, working model catapults.

This book contains professionally designed, step-by-step plans and instructions for building three working model catapults:

The Stone Throwing Ballista, da Vinci's Spring Catapult and The Highland Trebuchet using parts and materials available from your local home center, or hardware store.

The straightforward designs require no complicated layout or joinery and include:

  • A Complete Parts and Materials Shopping List
  • Measured Drawings and Dimensions for All Individual Parts
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Drawings
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions
  • Detailed Construction Notes
  • Step-by-Step Firing and Tuning Instructions
  • A Photo of the Completed Catapult

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The trebuchet kit includes fully precut and drilled frame parts, pins and axles, sling cord and sewn pouch, projectiles and fully illustrated assembly and firing instructions. 

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Requires only white carpenter's glue and a few bar clamps (not included) to assemble.


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  • Measured Drawings for All Parts
  • Step-By-Step Assembly Drawings 
  • Construction Details and Notes
  • How a Trebuchet Works
  • Illustrated Firing Instructions
  • Illustrated Tuning Instructions
  • Picture of the Completed Trebuchet

Fully Assembled Working Models
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daVinci Trebuchet
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Inspired by the great war machines and siege catapults of Leonardo da Vinci , this all Red Oak hardwood trebuchet features an open counterweight cabinet for range and trajectory adjustment. 

Individually crafted from cabinet-grade red oak, the da Vinci Trebuchet stands 14 inches tall in the cocked position, 24 inches tall in the fired position and will hurl a projectile up to 60 feet. Includes six projectiles and fully illustrated instructions.


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